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03/03/21 10:40 PM #18    

Lisa Lomsnes (Lomsnes)


Three young beauties!!!




03/03/21 10:43 PM #19    

Lisa Lomsnes (Lomsnes)

Small Animal Rotation









03/04/21 09:54 AM #20    

Pat Dorval

Hi Lisa,  great idea, thanks for organizing!  It will be great catching up.  I can't believe its been 30 years!!!  Looking forward to it.


03/04/21 11:13 AM #21    

Marlis Anderson

Hi Lisa;  What a great idea.  I'd like to join in.  


03/04/21 07:38 PM #22    

Rick James-Davies

Thanks Lisa. Sounds great. Count Kris and me in !



03/05/21 09:17 AM #23    

Rob Leakos

Thanks again Lisa, count me in.

03/06/21 12:19 PM #24    

Kris Torske

Hey all, I just recently got in contact with Karen Klusty (Henkels) on FB. She would like to join in on this. How do I add her to the group or who can she contact to join?

03/07/21 08:38 AM #25    

Kay Thompson

Looking forward to checking in with everyone.  Thanks to Lisa for arranging this and for everyone stepping forward to join the event.  Possibly this will be a Covid positive as I feel we might have found it harder to meet in person than virtually.  


My contact info is as follows:

32269 Willow Way

Rockyview County 

Alberta, T4C 0G6

03/07/21 12:50 PM #26    


Shane Bateman

Hello Everyone:

To assist Lisa- please have any missing classmates go to the website and complete their profile.  I will approve these and then they should be able to message the group and have access to all features.  I think it might be easiest if everyone just updates their profile here as well with your current information and especially address.  I can then download the list and provide it to Lisa for her purposes...saves having everyone put their address in the chat forum.  Let me know if you need any assistance with the website at all.  Or would like other features or functions to be active.


03/07/21 12:55 PM #27    


Shane Bateman

I've also added a new Gallery in the Reunion Photos section for anyone who wants to post pics (new or old) for everyone to enjoy. 

03/07/21 10:35 PM #28    

Lisa Lomsnes (Lomsnes)

Hello All: Thanks Shane for clarifying how to update your profile and that your addresss is correct.  The Date I have in mind is March 27  or April 10 or both if we have too many for  one zoom party.  Let me know the dates that you can make it.    This will be a great time so round up all of our classmates and we will have a great time!!                      



P.S. Take a look at the pictures in the Reunion Photos= some good looking people of class of 1991 !



03/08/21 06:53 PM #29    

Karen Henkels (Henkels-Klusty)

Hi everyone!  Looking forward to the virtual reunion. April 10 works better for me but can do either date

03/08/21 08:07 PM #30    

Elaine Leischner (Klemmensen)

Helllo everyone,

Great idea Lisa, count me in (and Rob? too) but it depends on dates and access to wifi. I am driving Rob out to Quadra Island on March 26 (a 12 hour drive plus two ferries from our home) then turning around and driving home immediately. He is attending the Quadra Island Bike Mechanics school for 5 weeks and I am finishing up a Certificate in Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University. Probably on the road somewhere in BC on March 27 so April 10 date works better for us. Yes Virginia there is life after practice ownership and veterinary medicine ;)

Sorry about the delay in reply - our email address and phone numbers have changed (updated now along with our address). Use the box number if sending items via Canada Post as there is no curbside delivery in Rossland. 

Would be great to catch up with all of you and hear where you are and what you are up to these days!

Stay healthy, be happy,                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Elaine




03/09/21 04:24 PM #31    

Pru Webb (Maxwell)

Thanks for doing this Lisa! I would be interested - Deb and I may share a computer screen if that helps with numbers.

03/09/21 11:43 PM #32    

Deb Stubbington (Carroll)

Thanks Lisa! 
I'm in! 

03/11/21 11:15 PM #33    

Lisa Lomsnes (Lomsnes)


Hello:  Looks like the party date is April 10 and most likely 6:00pm Alberta and Sastchewan time but I will clarify the itenary soon.  Please update your profile with current addresses and contact any of our classmates that are not involved yet.  

Don't forget to take a look at all the good looking  classmate on the reunion pictures.  We were  the best looking class!!                                                           Lisa 

03/13/21 02:16 PM #34    

Susan Tanner (Calverley)

Looking forward to it.  My wifi tends to be a little spotty with a pretty good delay so will mostly smile and listen

03/19/21 01:42 PM #35    

Pru Webb (Maxwell)

Hi again, I'm not sure if delivery to a box number is possible so I will add the clinic's address:

5116 61 Ave, Viking AB 


Thanks again,


04/07/21 12:21 PM #36    

Max Popp

Hi all;
I am interested in attending. Will the coordinates for the reunion be posted on an email?
So far I have not found it in the jungle of info...

04/07/21 05:40 PM #37    

Rick James-Davies

Hi Lisa. 

Any update on a possible date ? The message string says April 10. You know how it is, suuuuuuper busy social schedule these days so need to be sure we schedule it in ! 

Thanks again for getting this going . 







04/07/21 05:54 PM #38    


Denise Petryk

04/07/21 11:42 PM #39    

Lisa Lomsnes (Lomsnes)

Hello Classmates;  The party begins on April 10 at 6:00pm Alberta time.  Clear your "busy" covid social calender!   It is booked for at least 2 hours and we will have an introduction then break out into rooms and will switch people around during the session.   We have ~ 30 people on the virtual reunion!!  More detail to follow.  Hopefully most or all have recieved their gift basket and the wine is on the way.  We can celebrate together with our wine and cheese and sorry for the ones that decided not to get the gifts and the classmates to far away. You will have to BYOB!  Denise: great pictures!  



04/08/21 09:21 PM #40    

Lisa Lomsnes (Lomsnes)

Hello Classmates:  Only two more sleeps!!!  

April 10th Reunion:

6:00pm Alberta and Sask Time 

7:00pm Manitoba Time

5:00pm BC Time

4:00pm Ontario Time 

The virtual reunion will be by Zoom and the information will be sent out tomorrow morning.  We will have 20-30 minutes to at the beginning all together and then break out rooms with smaller groups that will switch every 15-20 minutes.  This will allow classmates to see  everyone.  At the end we will meet all together and who ever wants to continue talking ( and drinking) can.  

I hope everyone recieved their gift basket and wine!  There was some miscommunication and I believe a gift basket and wine was sent out to all classmates except, USA, Austrialia and Scotland.  The few Canadian classmates that decided not to have the wine/gift basket,  I believe they still sent you one.   Sorry but I am sure you can find good use of them!



04/09/21 03:31 PM #41    

Lisa Lomsnes (Lomsnes)

Hello: Below is the information for tomorrow, April 10 at 6:00pm Alberta time for the virtual Class Reunion!

Please see below for the Zoom meeting detail: 


Topic: Class Reunion 

Time: Apr 10, 2021 06:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)


Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 970 6056 2752

Passcode: 817393


For best experience it is recommended to download the desktop version of Zoom, rather than using it in the browser.


04/10/21 11:37 PM #42    

Bruce Wine

It was so good seeing you all again! The memories of our time together seems like yesterday when I see you all! It was hard work, but boy the fun times we had in our youth will be with us forever! Thanks so much Lisa for organizing this.  I am well on my way to healing and full recovery I believe. So happy!  Be thankful everyday you have your health!  Take care everyone and God bless you!


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